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Welcome to Illusion, a site dedicated to not exactly the whole entire series of the Princess Maker game, but to mostly the fourth volume: Legend of Another World, only.

You can find not only information on what the game is all about, you can also print off little cheat tips that may help you reaching some of the hard to get endings that you have not yet gotten before!

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January 27, 2007

Hey there everyone.

Sorry about the inconvenience reguarding this site, ne...

For all of those who didn't already know, our old host - cjb[dot]cc was having some financial troubles, so they had to close down their free hosting plan. I seriously thought that that was to become the end of Illusion! But I guess I was wrong? Turned out that with the suggestion from the great Peach-san, I moved the site to awardspace[dot]info, and everything within the site's a go again! X3 Well, other than the fact that they don't allow my personal customerized 404 Not Found page..-_-;

Oh well, at least the move was still a success. And by the way, thank you, Musume-san, for the lovely gift you sent me last time. See? It's so pretty isn't it?

Ah by the way, ne! I don't know if anyone here likes Ouran High School Host Club, but I just want to talk about my latest obsession, so here - there's a PS2 game for the series that's scheduled to be released on April 19th! Isn't it wonderful?! In the example they give at the Official Website, one of the twins - Hitachiin Hikaru - is the one that has the closest relationship with the player (Who in the game gets to act as the main character of the series - Fujioka Haruhi), and I have to say, he looks so cute when he's blushing! Zettai kawaii! >w<

Official Website of the Ouran High School Host Club PS2 game!

Anyone who hasn't yet read the manga or watched the anime should really try it. I normally am not that fond of shoujo series, but this one's an absolute exception! Hosuto bu forever! LOL~!

So yeah, that's all I want to say for now. Time for me to..Uh...Disappear again! lol"...If you need me, though, you know where to find me. Besides, I check the Shoutbox up there almost everyday! So you needn't worry, I won't really disappear. Un...Yeah, see ya all later~!

Edit: It seems that cjb[dot]cc was not going to stop the free hosting as of yet - I'm not positively sure about it but somehow this little fansite now has two URL's - Illusion@cjb[dot]cc, Illusion@awardspace[dot]info. If this continues, then our original URL would take the priority in having more updates of course; we're more used to it after all.

November 26, 2006

Hello everyone! I lied, ha ha; I ate my words and updated before the ten month contract (?) was up! lol" (Ugh! I suck at HTML, so it took me awhile to get everything under control..)

Good news, good news!

My friend Fedekiller-san of Ethereal Design has made me four avatars of our little Daughter! X3

Thank you very very much desu! I would never have updated without the encouragement of these great 100x100 avatars under the now open and running Graphics section~!

Go check them out! And be sure to pay Fedekiller-san a little visit as well!

For those who wish to ask me about PM4 or simply just wants to chat (As I'm sure many of you do! XP), you can always find me on my xanga account, Natsu No Kaze; the art portfolio that I occasionally update, Mikan Boards; the forum that I got randomly invited to join, For Richer or Poorer Forums; the (obviously) forums for one of my favorite manga/anime series - Ouran Koukou Host Club, and lastly, you can always contact me by e-mailing me. No worries, I like to talk to people and meet new friends, and best of all, I don't bite! Or wait...scratch that, I do bite. B-but not unless you pat me on the head, okay?! So if you don't do something stupid like that, then it's a go. lol!

Anywho, that's it for now, you all!

See you next year. :)

September 04, 2006

This time I'm back with not only the "Meeting Prince Lee" under the Cheats section, there is also the "Meeting Isabelle", "Marrying Father", "Marrying Chris", "Where is Daratan's House?", and "Buying Items from the Demon Store"...

Oh ha ha...Those were easy to type though.

But why am I in such a hurry to get all these done? Well, here's your bad news for the day.....I'm not going to be updating for 10 months!!! >_<

That's right, starting tomorrow, I'm becoming an official Gr. 12 student, so I'm going to be losing my privileges of using both Microsoft FrontPage, and PhotoShop.

Ah, that's alright though, since I've already finished most of the contents within the site. And besides, this year is going to be my entrance into the Adult World (However much I wish to stay at the Demon World forever and ever.), so I must do good in school, ne?

But I do have to say that I'm sorry about the PMIII and PMV sections, since I'll have no time for those two either...Ha ha ha ha......^ ^b

I'll make sure that I answer any question on the Shoutbox though, so keep them comments coming, alright? It's the best way to keep in touch with me. (I probably won't be checking my mailbox either? I don't know...I really don't.)

And as for my Staff team members, I'm sorry if you're going to be sending me your lovely Graphics, but I just won't be able to update the site, so please understand my situation. (As I'm sure you will, because you are such understanding people <3)

Yesterday was my last day of playing Princess Maker 4, and I have gotten the ending that I've always loved - The Maou.

I really like the par where Cube and Baroa talk to Daughter in the end. You know, the usual reporting of the War and stuff. But Daughter's response was so Maou-like, "How many times do I have to warn those Humans to not interfere with our World?" Kiaaaaaaa >w<

Oh, and here's a little update on the News of Princess Maker 4.

The PSP of the game is going to be released on October 12, 2006!

It's an exact mini version of the Japanese PC, with the shoujo-ai events and all that. Ha ha, very cute I have to say.

For more information, click here to find out.

So I guess this is it, you guys.

I don't like "goodbyes", but I suppose now is the time to get rid of that weird habit.

I just want to say thank you to all those who have been coming to pay this site little visits, and to all those who have given me more information on the game; without you, the site couldn't have been made possible. Thank you so much! I myself have learned a lot more about Princess Maker 4 through out the creating of this site as well; it's been a very pleasant experience. (Okay, I'm starting to sound like I'm making a speech for winning the Oscar or something...|||)

Well...Anyways, goodbye for now......

August 28, 2006

Yo ho! The "Meeting Prince Baroa" under the Cheats section is all done~!

I'll have the "Meeting Prince Lee" one finished before school starts. I hope...?!

I have recently been hanging around at Kit-san's Princess Maker Forum.

It's a pretty nice place, even though not a lot of people post there...

I guess we'll just have to wait till Princess Maker is officially released in the Western countries, eh? ^_~

Anyways, for those who haven't been posting there, do so now!!!

Go support Kit-san's Forum!

There isn't anything else for me to say today, since there's nothing extra special.

So I'll see you all later. Ok?

August 23, 2006

See any differences within the site?!

That's right! I have added more buttons to the navigation bar!

So therefore, there is the new Extra section, with my little summary on the omake game "A Day Without Cube" (Thank you Kit-san, for the information >3<///)

And believe it or not, I now have my own section where I can babble about who I am! Ah, the great unsolved mystery of who the odd WebMistress really is! lol"

Then there's the new and improved Staff section, and the not yet started Fanart section (Yes, I have decided that I shall give you people's artworks a place of their own; aren't I nice? *gasp*)

Many of you are probably wondering, "What on Earth is with the PM III and the PM V sections then?!"

Well, I just want to have a little omake room for this site.

I mean, even though 90% of it is about Princess Maker 4, but the game itself is going to be out of fashion (You know what I mean, people are going to get bored of it.) someday, so I thought, why not having other sections that I can update?

Since I only have Princess Maker 3 and 4, and not 1 nor 2, I can only talk about PM3...

And once PM5 is out, I'll be sure to get my own copy of it <3

(Oh no, that's another part of my money gone! "OTL)

Even though these two might take a long time to be finished, but I really am trying to balance it all out!

So nyo! Nyo nyo nyo! (?)

August 17, 2006

There actually isn't an update on anything as of today...

I was just wondering, should I actually add a "Fanart" section under Graphics?

Help me decide, all you PM4 fans out there!

I was going to set up a poll plugin for it, but it was just way too difficult for my little brain x_x"

So yes, just go to the Shoutbox and give me a shout on whether I should do it or not.

Oh, and another thing.

Here are some CG's off the Japanese PC Version.

[link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

They say that you as the Father gets to feel closer to your Daughter with this J-PC Version of Princess Maker 4, and I have to say, "I agree!" XD

Yes, just look at the CG's to know what I mean! And remember what I said about the shoujo-ai between Daughter and Rize? There's a CG on it too...

Maybe there's going to be more Marriage endings to the game as well?...*mysterious smile*

Well, that's it for today, nyo.

Have a good one, minna-san!

August 16, 2006

Added some Minor Characters like Isabelle, The Maou, Karen, Chris, and Daratan.

That's not a lot I know, but that's all I wish to add for now...

Don't really care about the other people within the Kingdom XP

Ha ha, just kidding.

All the Events are done as well. So don't forget to go check them out nyo!

Next time I'd probably update the Cheats section again~

What's it going to be? "Meeting Prince Baroa", that's what! I'm not making a lot of sense here, am I?...Oh well, it's just a little reminder to myself anyways. *shrug*

The following is just to clarify one thing...

I accidentally put down that the Moral has to be Lower than 120 under "Demon Princess" in Endings, and thanks to Ella-san's message on the Shoutbox, I changed it before leading anybody else into the wrong Ending -x-"

Anyways, thanks again, Ella-san!

Oh, and Aurora-san's comment of her next target being Lee reminded me of what Lee says in the end of the Dragon Princess Ending; "You have to play with me after I come back from shopping, Alice!" *laugh*

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever?! Lee is so naive...-w-/

This should be it for today. See you next time nyo.

August 12, 2006

As I have promised, the Endings section is finished, and the Cheats section is starting to get updated as well. Oh, and so has the Links section! ^_^

I hope you like the Endings; it took me quite a while to do, and so did the Cheats.

Even though there's only the "Meeting Prince Sharul" one done under Cheats, but there will be more! And if anyone knows a good tip, please feel free to send me a mail on it; I don't bite XD

Wait...Or do I...?!

There are rumors out there saying that the Princess Maker 5 is going to be out in the near future. Now is that not exciting?!

The artist of the former Princess Maker series - Takami Aki, is going to be illustrating this fifth one as well!

The Daughter we get is going to have curly hair, and Cube is coming back to us with her!!! >w<

I wonder how long Cube can live...................?

Anyways, for more information, click here.

August 09, 2006

I have added some things to the Endings section today.

Even though there aren't a lot of things yet, but at least I have finished everything under "Marriage" XD

I'll probably have the rest of the section done by the next update...

And after that, I shall post the CG's of the Events in the game, and the site would be full of CG's, ha ha.

Not a lot of contents, but oh well, that's the best I could do.

I checked some forums today on the Princess Maker 4 Japanese PC, nyo!

But guess what? The PC version is actually new in Japan (They only had the PS2 version awhile ago.), and that means that I would have to go and download/buy Princess Maker 4.2 Chinese PC later on! OTL

How stupid is that?!...*falls over*

Oh well, I mean, there's like 30~40 new CG's added to it, so I would really like to check it out.

And besides! I heard that there's a bit of GL to it too.

Ha ha...Rize x Daughter?! I suppose that would work......

August 03, 2006

Wow, it's only been a week or so, but we've already reached 500+ hits! >w<

Thanks to you all. I'm very excited about the future of this fansite *laugh*

That is why I have brought back with me the Festivals section and the rest of the Characters section as well, enjoy.

By the way everyone!

Thanks to our dear Asuka-san, the Japanese PC version is now on the web, downloadable directly through BT.

She sent it to me through mail, so all those who are interested can now see what the game is like before you buy the English version.

Click here to download.

July 28, 2006

So I am still trying to finish the contents within the site...

Or...maybe I should say: Trying to find time to finish? lol"

Anyways yes, today is the grand opening of Illusion! Fure! XD

As I have just said...I still need to add some minor stuff to it...

But at least the site is up and running now, ne?

The Princess Maker 4 PC is going to be released in Japan by the way!

I can't wait for it to get on the web! <3

...Have a nice day. Nyo.



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