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These are just some of the characters that appear in Princess Maker 4.

I might add some other minor characters later, but this should give you a basic understanding for now...


This is the daughter that Isabelle asks you to take care of.

You have adopted her, and are going to take care of her as if she were your own from today on.

Taking care of kids is not easy, especially when they are the kids from the Demon Tribe...

You are going to have to make smart decisions of course, about where she will be going for lessons, part-time jobs, and what kind of people she might meet on the street.

You never know what she will run into, so be careful. Who knows what kind of a person she might become if you don't pay attention?

Initial Screen

Status Screen

Schedule Screen

Working Screen





Cube is the butler of your house who is always there to help you with every problem you might encounter with your daughter!

He would help you take care of your daughter when you are unable to take care of her while she is sick, helping her change into dresses that are suitable for the season whenever it is necessary, give advices, warnings, and would also remind you of any special event that is going to take place soon.

Anybody who has played Princess Maker 2 from several years ago, might also realize that yes, Cube was in that volume of the series as well. However, he does look a lot different from before; with the more matured look and stuff XD

Just like Princess Maker 2, one of the many endings of Princess Maker 4 is also for the daughter to actually marry Cube.

You may wish to go the the Endings page if you are interested in getting that ending. *laugh*


Christina is one of your daughter's great friends.

She is from a very rich family in the Kingdom, and despite her constant nagging about things when they don't go her way, she actually cares about your daughter a lot.

She also doesn't get along with Rize all that well.

If your daughter's refinement is the highest, then she and Christina will wish each other happy birthdays each year.


Rize is one of those few girls who don't care about how they look on the outside.

She is a very responsible girl who cares mostly about becoming as great a warrior as her father only.

Rize's father, however, dies half way through the game during the battle against the Demons, and Rize then swears that she shall avenge her father no matter what.

Rize will go and tell your daughter near the end of the game, that she is off to the battlefield to fight against the Demons as a volunteered soldier if they are the closest of all four friends.

If your daughter's martial arts skills and/or magic arts skills are the highest, then she and Rize will wish each other happy birthdays each year.


Marie is a shy and sensitive friend of your daughter's.

She may seem like a weak component, but she does sometimes win the Combat Contests surprisingly, and not to mention the Art Contests.

And even though she is not very outgoing, but if your daughter and Marie are very close friends, then she will eventually ask your daughter to go and try out some odd looking dresses with her XD

If your daughter's temperament and/or sensitivity are the highest, then she and Marie will wish each other happy birthdays each year.


(The name Sharul is translated as Charles in the English version.)

Sharul is the Prince of the Kingdom, and your daughter meets him automatically when he comes for a visit once: He first asks daughter, when she stands in front of your home, whether she knows the master of the house or not. Then daughter asks if he has known you (Father) for a long time, and Sharul realizes that she is your daughter, but he then has to leave because some people are after him (Possibly the guards of the castle.).

Prince Sharul is a true gentleman, and he always greets your daughter with a kind smile, even though your daughter doesn't realize it till the end (If she goes to the National Day dance and gets to dance with him.) that Sharul is the Prince-that-nobody-has-ever-seen-before.


Baroa is the Prince of Demons even though he has no blood relations with The Maou himself, he becomes the Prince simply because he is the next person in line, after your daughter gets sent to be taken care of by you.

Your daughter first meets Baroa when she has visited the Dark Alley for around 4 times during the year 1445, and can only meet him in May, June, and July. So if you miss the chance, then you will never be able to see Baroa.

He is, I believe, the most mature of all three Princes; most cold-hearted, and most likely to hide his feelings. He only shows his affection toward your daughter near the end, (If they have become really great friends.) when he gives her the Gown of the Demon Princess as a gift.


Ah, finally. The last Prince of this game.

Despite the fact that he looks like an ordinary boy, Lee is actually the Prince of Dragons, who has both a very great appetite and is surprisingly strong.

However, Lee is one of those few boys that is truly naive; all he really thinks about are food and playing time. *sweat drop* He is incredibly sweet, though.

Daughter will first meet Lee when Lee asks her out for a cup of tea.

Here's a little something: If you choose to answer "Ok", then daughter's moral goes down by 5 but appeal goes up by 5, and she will also gain 5 points of Lee's trust. If you choose to "Reject him coldly", then daughter's pride goes up and moral goes up as well, but you will never see him again. And last choice, if you choose to tell him "My Father will get mad", then both her moral and her refinement will go up.

Minor Characters


The birthmother of your daughter. Isabelle was a companion of yours during your time of fighting against the Demons. However, she gave up her own life for the sake of the whole Kingdom, and the Demons retreated along with her on their side...

Several years later, you (Father) promise her to take care of her child after your next reunion.So the adventure begins......

The Maou

The Maou (Demon Tribe Ruler) of the other world, who is also the real Father of your daughter. He may seem like a cruel and heart-less man, but deep down, he actually doesn't want for another battle against the Humans; he is just trying to protect his people.

He will wish to speak to your daughter after several of her visits to the Demon Castle, and will let her address him simply by the title "Maou", and not "Lord", like everybody else.


The not-so-much-as-a-friend girl that your daughter meets when her Magic Arts skills are to a certain level. Karen is a quiet girl who speaks in fragments (Ex: Lost...Karen...Go home now...?), but that is also what makes her cute X3

If your daughter meets Karen a lot of times, she just might show her who she is always talking to; those who she calls her "friends", which are some kind of fairy-like creatures.


A very wealthy man within the Kingdom, who thinks that there's nothing on this planet that cannot be bought with money.


The mysterious merchant that only comes to visit you when you have over 5000 G in your pocket.

Whenever he comes, Daratan will always bring with him very strange items for you to buy, and not only Cube dislikes him, all the Demons in the other world think of him as a lowly and dirty old geezer as well...



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