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Here are some little tips in where to meet the Princes, and when / where something will happen between your daughter and certain people.

Have fun cheating~(?)...

Meeting Prince Sharul

1444, March: (Automatically) Daughter is walking on the street, and all of a sudden, a white horse stops beside her. There is a blonde boy sitting on the horse, who asks the Daughter "Who lives in this house, do you know?". But the house he asks about is mine? And the person he wants to meet (Father)?

1445, January: Choose to join in on the National Day fun, which leads your daughter into meeting the blonde boy again. He will tell her his name - Sharul, and lies about being on the Knight Team of the castle, then he brings Daughter to walk around the castle but runs away half way because some people are after him. Daughter comments that it is suspicious for him to do so, but she wishes to see him again anyways.

1445 at Carrefour: Daughter meets Sharul at the Carrefour, and asks him why he isn't on a horse anymore, since he was on a horse during their first meeting.

1445 at Carrefour: Daughter is on her way to go to the Market and meets Sharul there. After saying their greetings, Daughter tells Sharul that she is going to the Market to buy some items. Sharul then asks her seriously, whether she could bring him with her or not because he finds buying things off the street very fascinating. Even though Daughter thinks it's strange that he thinks so, but she lets him go along.

1445 at Carrefour: Sharul is taking a short walk on the street, and starts talking to Daughter about how he thinks that walking on the street is like having a little adventure. Daughter comments that it is a bit weird for him to say that, after all, walking on the street where you have lived all your life at isn't all that exciting to most people...

1445 at Carrefour: Sharul is going to the Church, but gets lost half way. Daughter goes up and asks him where he is going, but thinks again, that Sharul is a strange person because he asks her whether she could bring him to "That Church beside the Street"? But there is only one Church in the Kingdom...Excluding the Church within the castle...

1445 at Carrefour: Sharul is looking very tense, as if somebody was after him. After meeting Daughter, he grabs her and they run away to the Main Street. Daughter sees a beautiful necklace there and says, "So beautiful...". Even though Sharul is still tense, but he then notices what Daughter is looking at, and actually offers to buy that necklace for her...

1445 at Street: Daughter is walking on the Street, but hears noises coming from a huge crowd of people. She walks up and see what is going on, then realizes that Sharul has just beaten up some bullies, and is now asking why they did what they have done.

1445 at Street: "Oh, so gorgeous..." Sharul is kneeling beside the side walk looking at something. So Daughter goes up and greets him, while asking him what he is looking at. Sharul explains that the wild flowers fascinate him because of their strong will in living...

1445, December: (Automatically) Daughter and Sharul celebrate Christmas together.

1446 at Carrefour: Sharul, who is always busy with something, is actually walking relaxingly on the street, after seeing him, Daughter and Sharul begin their usual chatting..."Why are you so relaxed today, Sharul-san?" Sharul explains that it is because the castle is really busy today, so he could come out without anyone noticing...Daughter then looks at him, surprised. Sharul realizes the mistake in his speech, so he hurriedly asks Daughter to lead him to the Item Store; Marie's house.

1446 at Item Store: Daughter spots Sharul looking very happy near the Item Store. Sharul tells her that it is because he has found something he has always wanted - the world map, and he goes on about how he can just imagine the culture, the people, and the scenes of these countries while he looks at the map. But then he gets a bit sulky, when he gets to the precision of the maps. He says that even though this is a navigating map, and the precision of it ought to be very high, but he has never left the Kingdom, so who knows if it's really precise? So he hopes that he can one day, travel to the countries on the map.

1446 at Carrefour: Daughter sees Sharul at the Carrefour, and Sharul tells her that he has just gotten back from the Bar. Daughter looks at him surprisingly, and wonders why a person working at the castle is allowed to go to the Bar? Sharul explains hurriedly, that he just went there to get some inside information, and he almost couldn't stop himself from telling Daughter what kind of information he was getting. "Sorry, but the rest will be secrets."..."Ah. I always get carried away every time I talk to you."...Says Sharul, "You are really the only person that I don't feel cautious toward around here..."

1446 at Carrefour: Harvest Festival is coming up next month, and Daughter is busy buying items, when she meets Sharul again. Sharul says that he is going to be busy with other things during the Harvest Festival, so he will not be attending it. However, he will go and cheer Daughter on when he gets the time.

1446 at Carrefour: Daughter is wandering around the Carrefour, when she hears a flute sounding from somewhere near. But the music stops before Daughter could find out who was playing it. Then she realizes that Sharul was the flutist. Sharul asks her whether she knows how to play an instrument or not, and Daughter admits that she only knows a little bit, and that she is not as good as Sharul...

1446 at Carrefour: Daughter and Sharul go on a date to the near by Restaurant. After seeing some noblemen molesting one of the waitresses, Daughter complains angrily that some noblemen use the fact that they are rich and powerful, to do things that others don't like. So then Sharul goes up to the two noblemen and tells them to lay-off. Even though they didn't notice it at first, but then the noblemen realized that they are talking to the Prince (Even though other people don't know.), and run away as if they have seen a ghost. Everybody in the Restaurant clap for Sharul's bravery, and Daughter again wonders what kind of a person Sharul is.

1446, December: (Automatically) Daughter and Sharul celebrate Christmas together.

1447 at Street: (Daughter has to have worked at the Maid Bar to get this event.) Daughter meets Sharul on the Street, and Sharul tells her that he wants to talk to her in a place where others won't notice...Which reminds Daughter of where she has worked before - The Maid Cafe. So she brings him there, and for some odd reason, Sharul can easily get used to the atmosphere in the Maid Cafe than most other people...While dining, the two of them talk about the barrows on the street, and Sharul gets very curious again...

1447 at Carrefour: Sharul is patrolling on the street and meets Daughter. Daughter comments that his job is really tiring, but Sharul says that it's alright, "And besides, there's something good about patrolling, because I would get to see you more often."

1447 at Street: (Daughter has to have taken Magic Arts lessons, at least once, a month ago.) Sharul says that he does not understand Magic very much, and is not very good at it either, so he is rather afraid of Magic. Daughter then tells Sharul that it is no use to just be afraid of Magic because their generation is going to be immerged with it soon, so running away from it is not one of the solutions...

Meeting Prince Baroa

1445 at Dark Alley, May~July: Daughter has spent too much time at the Dark Alley. Just when she is thinking of going home, she accidentally bumps into somebody: A tall dark figure who actually knows Daughter's name, and he even comments on how similar Daughter looks with someone else...

1445 at Dark Alley: Daughter goes back to the Dark Alley because of what happened last time. She asks the Guard of the Dark Alley about the scary looking person from last time, and finds out that his name is "Baroa". After going into the Dark Alley, Daughter meets Baroa again. But Baroa tells her never to come back to the Dark Alley, because maybe some other Demons like himself would capture her in the future.

1445 at Dark Alley: Daughter ignores Baroa's last comment on the Dark Alley being a dangerous place, and comes back for a little adventure. There she meets him again, of course. Baroa then gets a bit angry, but just tells her that if she ever wishes to come, she must be extra careful.

1445 at Dark Alley: Daughter meets Baroa at the Dark Alley on a sunny day, and she comments to him on what a wonderful day it is. Baroa then says that it's an awful day because sunny days aren't supposed to be wonderful to the Demons...

1445 at Dark Alley: After a little chitchat with Baroa, he tells daughter that he has a little wooden cabin of his own, and that Daughter can use it to go to the Demon World if she ever wants to do so.

1445, December: (Automatically) Daughter and Baroa celebrate Christmas together.

1446, May: Daughter is wandering around at the Carrefour in the Demon World, but gets attacked by two hungry Demons. Just then, Baroa comes to her rescue. But Daughter stops him from killing the two Demons when she realizes what he might do to them. Even though Baroa does not understand why, but he lets those two go anyways, while Daughter apologizes to him and asks him why the Demons referred to him as "Lord"...

1446 at Dark Alley: Daughter learns that Baroa is the Prince of the Demons, and wonders why he hangs around at the Human World so much. Baroa explains that he is just spying on the Humans to see their next move...But he eventually contradicts himself by saying that he is always there simply because he no longer wishes to stay in the Demon Castle anymore...

1446 at Dark Alley: Baroa is wandering around along with Daughter keeping him companied. He then gets hungry and buys some food for the both of them. Baora informs Daughter that he has never tasted anything good in the Human World yet, and comments that the food off the street that he just bought tastes "acceptable", even though he does buy another one after he finishes the first...

1446 at Demon Pub: Daughter meets Baroa at the Demon Pub, and sees him drinking something. Baroa asks whether Daughter wants a mug of it too, while commenting on how tasty the drink is. Daughter gets nervous after seeing how colorful the stuff in the mug is, but accepts the idea of having her own mug after Baroa's persuasion. After taking a couple of gulps, Daughter looks into her mug unbelievably, "Why is it so tasty even though it has such an odd color?" Baora then says to her, "You Humans are always like this; judging an object because of what it looks like on the outside..."

1446 at Demon Carrefour: Daughter meets Baroa at the Demon Carrefour, and sees him holding a beautiful piece of stone. Baroa says that it's called the Demonic Stone in which starts the Humans' constant disturbance of the Demon World. Daughter looks at the Demonic Stone and apologizes for the behaviors of the Humans. Baroa says that it's not up to her to apologize, and that the Humans should have done so right after the First War, but Baroa stops immediately after realizing that he has said too much. Daughter then asks whether it was the war that has happened just before she was born. However, Baroa leaves hastily while muttering, "I've said too much..."

1446 at Demon Carrefour: Daughter is humming an unnamed song while wandering around the Demon Carrefour. Just then, Baroa pops out from nowhere and asks Daughter forcefully where she has learned the song? Daughter then starts wondering about it herself, and realizes that neither Father nor Cube have taught her the song...Baroa looks at Daughter, and his expression slowly changes from angry to happy, and mumbles more to himself than to Daughter, "So your memories are coming back huh...? So if you keep on coming back to the Demon World......."

1446 at Demon Carrefour: Baroa is injured, when he meets Daughter this time. He explains that he has had a fight with Garendar when he tries to get out of the Demon Castle. Daughter immediately says that she is going to bandage the injury for him, but Baroa says to just let it be. However, Daughter still insists on bandaging it, so Baroa gives up on the argument and lets her do whatever she wants...

1446 at Demon Carrefour: Daughter and Baroa start talking about their Mothers. Baroa says that his own Mother has died when he was really young, so he doesn't remember anything about her, not even her looks, so the only thing he can do is to look at pictures of her and imagine what she must have been like. But then he says that Daughter's appearances trigger his memories of her. Baroa then asks Daughter that if her Mother were still alive, what would she do? Daughter thinks about it for a second and answers firmly, "I'd like to meet her."

1446 at Dark Alley: (Daughter has to be taking Magic Arts lessons.) Daughter is upset about how she can never learn Magic right, so Baroa asks her to give him her hand. Even though Daughter doesn't understand why, but she does what she was told anyways, and she then learns how to create Magic in the shortest period of time.

1446 at Street: Daughter is wondering why Baroa never rides horses like normal Princes. Baroa tells her that the Demons don't have horses, so instead of riding horses, they ride Dragons. He then offers to get Daughter a Dragon as a gift next time, but Daughter says it's alright...

1446, December: (Automatically) Daughter and Baroa celebrate Christmas together.

1446 at Demon Pub: Daughter meets Baroa in the Demon Pub, who is angrily drinking and busily getting himself drunk...Daughter asks him what happened, and Baroa says that the Demon Prime Minister has informed The Maou on how often Baroa goes to the Human World. Daughter asks, "What does Maou say?" And Baroa blurbs out, "Who are you calling Maou?! You ought to be calling him Maou-sama!!!" But he then calms down and says, "Never mind...It's alright, since your position is a little different..." After another bit of explaining, Baroa, however, accidentally spills something out in which he shouldn't have..."There's nothing we can do about it. After all, you are his Heritor..." This is when Daughter learns the truth about herself; who her real Father is and all that. She first comes to you (Father) to make sure that Baroa was telling the truth, then she goes to The Maou to demand an answer from him...

(This event is extremely long, and is going to be no fun if I spoiled it for you. So why don't you just try getting it on your own? ^_^)

1447, May, at Demon Carrefour: The War between the Humans and the Demons have started. However, Daughter still recklessly goes to the Demon World. Baroa comments on how courageous Daughter is, but he does not tell her to go home and never to come back like before. Instead, Baroa brings Daughter to the Deep Forest in the very far side of the Demon World. There, the two of them start to talk about the War...

1447, August, at Carrefour: This is the first time that Baroa has ever come to the Human World under bright sunlight, and who would have believed that the first place he goes to was the Carrefour where everybody hangs out the most? Baroa is just there because he notices how noisy the Carrefour is and is simply spying on the Humans' movement, but then Daughter tells him that everybody is all excited because the Harvest Festival is almost here. So then Baroa decides that he shall go back to where he belongs, and says to Daughter, "I didn't ask you to come along." Was that a formal invitation? Despite her anger, Daughter then follows Baroa anyways.

1447 at Demon Carrefour: Daughter is once again wandering around in the Demon World. Even though Baroa arrives because he is worried about her, but he doesn't admit it, and says, "You really haven't learned from what happened last time, have you?!" After a bit of chatting, Baroa hands Daughter the Gown of the Demon Princess, and tells her that he has always had a feeling that the two of them will end up together someday...

1447 at Carrefour: Daughter says her usual greetings to Baroa, but he seems to be in a hurry to go somewhere. Daughter then learns that there is a Giant Rat in the Demon World, and that Baroa has to go back to get rid of it.

Meeting Prince Lee

1444, October, at Main Street: Lee is presented as a random street boy (?) here who comes and asks Daughter out for a cup of tea out of randomness...You have three choices - 1) Ok. 2) Reject him coldly. 3) Tell him that Father is going to get mad.

(If Daughter rejects him then she is never going to see him ever again.)

1444 at Main Street: Lee is looking at a piece of priceless artwork while muttering, "So hard to understand..." Daughter goes up to him and they start discussing about the art. Then Lee asks Daughter out, but she is still going to meet him later on no matter what the answer she gives is.

1444 at Carrefour: Lee is holding a newt and a gecko and is deciding which one he should eat first. Daughter goes up to him and says hi, but then she backs away saying, "W-What are you holding...?!" So Lee explains to her how tasty newts and geckos are, and asks if she wants to go out today. XD

1445 at Market: Lee says hi to Daughter very happily, and asks her out immediately. However, it doesn't matter whether she answers "yes" or "no", they'll go together anyways. After seeing Merchants selling the Fang of Dragon, Lee admits to Daughter that he is a Dragon himself (Even though Daughter doesn't believe him.). He then tells her where the Valley of Dragon is and promises that the next time she goes for a visit, he'll make sure he takes her to fun places.

1445 at Street: Lee was happy to find Daughter on the Street. But just when he is going to happily follow her around, she tells him that she is going to the Church, and Lee then runs away frightened...?

1445 at Carrefour: Daughter sees Lee playing with cats at the Carrefour, and Lee asks her whether she wants to join in or not. It doesn't matter which one she chooses, Lee is going to ask her out later all the same.

1445 at Carrefour: Daughter sees Lee lying at the Carrefour, with people walking around/over him, so she tells him that it is going to interfere with other people's business if he keeps it up. Later on, Lee asks Daughter out for a date like always, and again, it doesn't matter which one she chooses, he is going to ask her out later on still.

1445 at Valley of Dragons: Daughter is wandering around in the Demon World when she accidentally walks into the Valley of Dragons. There she sees an enormous Dragon who actually starts talking to her! Then the Dragon transforms and turns back into the Lee that we know.....?!

1445, December: (Automatically) Daughter and Lee celebrate Christmas together.

1446 at Main Street: While walking on the street, Daughter sees Lee and another girl from far away. She wonders about why the girl seems to be crying, and goes up to the two. Lee gets really nervous when he sees Daughter, and asks quickly whether she has heard what he said before ("The person that I really like is actually..."), but Daughter demands him to tell her why the girl was crying. However, Lee tells Daughter that it is something she will never understand while asking her out again.

1446 at Main Street: Daughter sees Lee at the Main Street, and just when she was about to greet him, she sees that there're several people lying in front of him. After asking, Daughter learns that those men were picking fights with Lee, so Lee just went along with the idea. According to him, even though he did try not to kill them, but they are still half dead and lying on the ground, but he assures Daughter that those people will be okay in no time, and then he asks Daughter out like always.

1446 at Main Street: Daughter is on her way to go to the hospital when she runs into Lee. Of course, Lee is happy to see Daughter, and asks her where she's going, so she tells him that she's going to the hospital while Lee gets anxious and immediately jumps to the conclusion of Daughter not feeling well! Daughter laughs and says that she's just going to get the medicines, and that she is in perfectly good condition. Lee then asks excitedly whether he could tag along or not.

1446 at Carrefour: Lee is having a lot of fun with the neighboring kids at the Carrefour just when Daughter is walking by. So Daughter goes up to him and greets him like always. After a bit of chatting, Lee asks Daughter whether she wants to join in or not? Again, it doesn't matter what her choice is, Lee is still going to ask her out in the future.

1446 at Restaurant: Daughter meets Lee at the Restaurant this time, and he seems to be enjoying a "Free Feast" as he puts it. According to the advertisement that is posted on the window, anyone who is able to finish a feast for 10 in one hour gets to eat on without paying! Daughter is very amazed at Lee's great appetite, and it doesn't matter what she answers to Lee's invitation of joining him on the eating, she's not going to be eating with Lee anyways since there is no more Free Feast anymore...^ ^;

1446, December: (Automatically) Daughter and Lee celebrate Christmas together.

1447 at Street: Daughter and Lee should already be very good friends during this time in the game, and the Humans and Demons are at the peak of the War. Looking at Lee, Daughter does not understand why he is not nervous at all, but Lee explains to her that she shouldn't worry because they are not the ones who started the War. Even though Lee doesn't understand why Daughter is unhappy, but he promises that he'll be there to protect her if something happens.

(The story/conversation goes on, but I'm too lazy to type it all X_x")

1447, August, at Main Street: After seeing the excited Lee at the Main Street, Daughter starts a conversation on the Harvest Festival with him, saying that he should definitely enter the Combat Contest. However, Lee says that he is not a big fan of fighting...

1447 at Main Street: (Daughter has to have known Baroa for quite a while.) Lee immediately asks Daughter to go with him right after they run into each other, and this time, Lee suggests to go to the Dark Alley. So Daughter follows him there of course, but half way through the date, they meet Baroa. So begin a game of Lee versus Baroa...You have three choices in this: 1) Leaving with Baroa. 2) Leaving with Lee. 3) Everybody going together. However, neither Lee nor Baroa is going to like it if Daughter chooses the third one, so then she's going to have to make a second choice. Note that the rejected side might not going to appear ever again if he is not that good of a friend with Daughter.

1447 at Main Street: Since she is off to go clothe shopping, Daughter starts talking to Lee about how she is always seeing him in the same old outfit...

1447 at Carrefour: Daughter sees a beautiful dot of light floating in midair, so she follows it out of curiosity. However, the dot of light disappears just when she spots Lee. Lee then says hello to Daughter, and so Daughter asks him whether he knows anything about the dot of light. Lee admits that he is surprised to find Daughter actually able to see it, but he leaves after the conversation is over, and Daughter never learns what that dot of light actually was...

1447 at Valley of Dragons: Daughter goes to the Valley of Dragons to find Lee. Despite the fact that he is happy to see Daughter, Lee is worried about how she is turning more Demon-like day by day...After seeing Daughter's worrisome look, Lee decides to give her a little something to cheer her up, and what could make a better gift than the Gown of the Dragon Princess? :D

Meeting Isabelle

Starting off, Daughter has to have utterly good relationships with both Baroa and Lee, even after the event of them fighting over her. I'm guessing that with Baroa, you have to have gotten the event of him spilling out the information about Daughter's real identity. And as for Lee, Daughter has to have at least known that he is a Dragon.

(According to one of the Japanese sites, it is best if Daughter's Knowledge (And possibly Sensitivity?) is over 500.)

Go to the Demon Carrefour in year 1447 at the beginning of April, May, or June, and spend all three chances of roaming around town there, and just when she is about to go home, she will hear a beautiful voice singing a familiar song from somewhere within the Deep Forest.

After that, it is your choice to whether you'd like to go roam around the Demon World asking people whether they have heard of the beautiful voice in the Deep Forest before, but nobody seems to know anything about it except for The Maou himself. However, he doesn't tell Daughter anything more about it. Then go to the Main Street and ask Lee what to do. He will suggest to Daughter that she should go and ask the Fortuneteller.

Go to the Main Street again, and there is a 99% chance of Daughter meeting the Fortuneteller. She will tell Daughter to go to the Demon World during the 1~10 of next month to meet whoever it is that she wishes to meet.

(Remember not to go to the Fortuneteller during August, because there is the Harvest Festival in the beginning of September, which may effect the event.)

At last, go to the Demon Carrefour as instructed by the Fortuneteller, and there, Daughter will finally meet the mother in her dreams - Isabelle.

Marrying Father

The marrying Father ending actually isn't at all difficult like the one in Princess Maker 3.

(I seriously took 4 tries for that one...She kept on Marrying the Millionaire, working at the Mine Field, and becoming a General...Orz)

You can completely ignore Daughter's Martial Arts Skills and Magic Arts Skills; simply let them increase and decrease on their own. Same goes with her Fame, but keep in mind that it mustn't be to high, or she is going to sing at the Harvest Festival when she is 16, and you know what that means don't you?...However, you do have to try to keep her Pride and Moral down as best as you can. Especially her Moral, it must be under 350.

Let Daughter have lots of opportunities to work at both the Babysitting Center and the Market, that way her Temperament will increase fast.

All the other statuses (Other than her Demon Points that is.) have to be over 400.

Of course, like in all the other PM games, Daughter has to trust you (Father) a lot.

So try bringing her on Vacations every season if possible (Costs about 300 G per Vacation.), while changing her into suitable clothes on your own (Meaning without Cube's help.). And don't forget to talk to her tenderly each month...Oh, and her Birthday presents! Don't forget about her Birthday presents! Those are the most important things!

As for the three Princes? Don't even bother. It's not like you are trying to get your little girl to marry any of them, so don't meet any of them, just to be on the safe side.

If everything goes smoothly, then Daughter is sure going to give Father a massage in February of the last year. When she asks about whether you want her to marry off to some other people or to stay home awhile longer, choose the second one.

At the end of March, Daughter is going to propose to you, and of course, you would want to accept her feelings. If not, then she is going to marry off to an ordinary young man.

Marrying Chris

After working several times at the Market (At least till her wages have been added twice.), go to the Market again when Daughter is roaming around town in April of the sixth year, that is when Chris talks to her and says something about always seeing her around the Market.

After that, let Daughter work at the Maid Bar (But always go back to work at the Market sometimes, just incase her Knowledge gets below minimum.).

Go to the Market again during October of the same year, and Chris is going to show Daughter the store that he has bought. Then go to the Street the next month (November), and Chris is going to show Daughter the ships that he owns while telling Daughter that she has the talent of becoming a good businesswoman. There is going to be a decision that you have to make here, so choose the first one (Agreement.)

At last, go to the Main Street in April of the eighth year. Chris is going to appear in front of the Maid Cafe, and is going to tell Daughter that he has bought it and is now the Master of the Maid Cafe (What happens to Rei then, I wonder?...).

Then he proposes to Daughter, even though what he says is not very romantic at all. XD

Where is Daratan's House?

First of all, you need to have at least 5000 G up your sleeves, and remember to use your money wisely, that way Daratan will visit more often.

I believe it takes about 3~4 times of Daratan's visits to make Daughter ask Cube, "Who was at the door?" After that, she is going to have a short daydreaming period about Daratan's Items...

Go to the Demon Pub after that, and will receive a map from the Pub Owner. Then go anywhere within the Demon World again, but Daughter is not able to find the house still, and nobody else seem to know what to do, since Daratan's house is really invisible...So then, choose to go back to the Human World and go to the Hospital.

There, Daughter will meet Marie, who is now an apprentice of the Doctor's. Daughter then asks the Doctor about whether he has anything for her to find an invisible place with?

Bring Daughter to the Demon World again, and of course, she is able to see Daratan's House this time.

One important thing though, every time Daughter goes to Daratan's House, she is going to steal something from him, and her Sinfulness is going to increase very fast, so consider it more before you let her go there......

Buying Items from the Demon Store

This one requires having at least 5000 G as well.

First of all, buy the Cat Eye Stone from the Mysterious Merchant - Daratan. Then simply go to the Demon Store that is located at the East of the Demon World, and return the Cat Eye Stone to the Store Owner.

Then every time you click on the "Street" button on the Main Screen, the Demon Store is going to be one of your many destinations.



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