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Welcome to Illusion, a site dedicated to not exactly the whole entire series of the Princess Maker game, but to mostly the fourth volume: Legend of Another World, only.

You can find not only information on what the game is all about, you can also print off little cheat tips that may help you reaching some of the hard to get endings that you have not yet gotten before!

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There are many events that have happened through out the story, which is probably the best part about Princess Maker 4...

Some events may lead to unexpected endings, while some are just there for your enjoyment~!

Note that not all events will come in this order.


Daughter is getting made fun of by some neighboring kids because she has no Mother.

Are you going to help her out along with Cube? Or are you going to let her fight back on her own?

"Who is the beautiful lady in the painting, Papa?"

Marie and Daughter are helping out at the Item Store that Marie's Father owns.

Are you going to tell her it's a good thing to help your friend? Or are you not going to let her do it anymore?

Bad boys like to flip girls' dresses.

When Daughter complains to you about the event, are you going to tell her to fight back?

Who is she?

That's right, this is Karen. A friend that your Daughter might meet only if her Magical Arts skills are up to level.


"Teddy talked to me, Father!"

That...Would be a sign of your Daughter getting a step closer to changing back into a Demon.

Rize and Christina always seem to have different opinions...

Daughter has stayed at the Dark Alley for too long and has forgotten to go home...

Who is this mysterious blonde boy that wants to talk to your Daughter?

Girls sure like to try on new dresses~!

A boy (In strange clothing? XD) is asking your Daughter out for a cup of tea.

Is she going to reject him? Or is she going to go with him and make friends at the same time?

Rize's Father has been killed by Demons during a mission.

This event signals the second war between the Humans and the Demons...

Your Daughter has been to the Dark Alley many times, but this is her first time seeing this scary looking person...

Who is he anyways? And how does he know her name?!

Daughter and Lee going on a date?

A Dragon in the Valley of Dragons...?

But...I never knew that Dragons could talk?!

Daughter is here to look at Chris's enormous ship.

And he then tells her that she has the gift of becoming a great businesswoman.

Meeting Karen's many fairy-like friends.


Chris has brought down the whole Maid Cafe.

And why is there so much food on the table?!

Is he...Proposing to your Daughter?!...

Daughter was supposed to be on a date with Lee, but then Baroa sees them together in the Dark Alley...

And you're telling me! They sure don't look happy about seeing each other. Especially when your Daughter knows both of them and has to choose who she likes better...

Two men at the Dark Alley want to take the girls to the Sleazy Bar, and Rize and your Daughter are the only two, out of all four, who are able to fight them off!

Demons and Humans loath each other.

That is why some of them would be more than happy to eat your Daughter when they see her...

It's a good thing that Baroa is near by, or she would have been gone already.

What's with the sudden change of attitude, Marie?!

Daughter finally finds a way to reach the Mysterious Merchant - Daratan's house, and she sure isn't going to go back empty handed!

...Just one little item...He wouldn't notice......Right?

Sharul likes to go to unnoticeable places...

I wonder why?

"Please tell me that you are my real Father!"

Daughter finally learns that The Maou is her real Father...

Watch out! There are two Demons on the loose!

Baroa brings your Daughter to a magical place within the Demon World, and tells her that this place will be no more once the war between the two races start...

Daughter and Lee on a date...Again.

Even though it's during war time, but that is why they must have fun while they still can.

Rize is off to the war, and is here to say goodbye.

Meeting Mother once more...

Daughter doesn't want to part with Father...

"Would you be happier if I get married, Father"

Daughter asking Cube to tell you (Father) that they love each other, and are therefore, going to get married no matter what you say!



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