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Welcome to Illusion, a site dedicated to not exactly the whole entire series of the Princess Maker game, but to mostly the fourth volume: Legend of Another World, only.

You can find not only information on what the game is all about, you can also print off little cheat tips that may help you reaching some of the hard to get endings that you have not yet gotten before!

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Is there anything else in the Princess Maker 4 game? Here you will know all about the extra things within.

A Day Without Cube

A Day Without Cube is an omake game that only appears in Princess Maker 4 Japanese PC Version.

You, as the beloved Father of your Daughter, get to spend an entire day with her without Cube anywhere near you. Now doesn't that sound like fun? (Oh what are you thinking?! - -")

There actually is not a lot of point to this omake game; it just lets you gain extra CG's of your little girl enjoying every moment of her days, and all you really get to do is to make a few decisions on what the two of you are going to be doing to spend the day.



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