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There are three main festivals in Princess Maker 4: Harvest Festival, National Day, and Christmas.

Scroll away to know more about them, nyo.

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is when every girl within the Kingdom come out and compete in one of the three events.

Depending on your daughter's strengths and weaknesses, you may wish to enter her in different contests.

Combat Contest

Is your little girl a tomboy? Then why not let her try the Combat Contest? Who knows, she just might win first place if she trains hard for it.

There are three rounds to the Combat Contest.

Losing at the third round means that she is taking second place, but you still win 1000 G anyways, so no big deal.

But winning first place does not only mean that you earn an extra 3000 G for the household, it also means that your daughter will receive an award from the King!

Dance Party

The Dance Party is possibly the only contest that takes a long time, because you have to watch through not only your daughter's performance, but every single movement of all the other contestants...

You may wish to buy spiffy dresses for your daughter to wear, just so it would make some of the necessary stats go higher. (Although the dress you buy her does not appear during the dance.)

Unlike the Combat Contest, there are three prizes to the Dance Party.

The person who wins the Skills Prize receives 750 G. The winner of the Artistic Prize wins 1000 G. And the one girl who gets First Place receives, of course, 3000 G.

Art Explosion

Last but not least, here comes the Art Explosion contest!

There really isn't anything much to talk about, though...

The title itself probably explains very well already; it's an art contest.

You may only submit art works through Art Lessons, and that is only when the teacher suggests it to you.

Again, the Skills Prize winner will get 750 G; Artistic Prize winner gets 1000 G; and last of all, the First Prize winner gets 3000 G.


It is always possible for your daughter to become a singer in the end, so if you see her singing in front of the townspeople before the contests start, that is probably why.

National Day

The National Day isn't that much of a deal, really...

It only is important if you would like to know Prince Sharul more.

Since your daughter first meets Sharul while she is going home one day (This happens automatically.), and if you let her go to the National Day the year after, that is when she bumps into Sharul again.

After that, Sharul lies to her about being a Knight of the Castle, and will take her around the castle for a short tour.

Then comes the important part.

Prince Sharul will dance with your daughter on the last National Day only if she has met him 8 times through out the entire game!

He usually escapes from the castle and looks for interesting events outside of it.

So if your daughter does not meet him 8 times, then he is sure going to be dancing with Christina on the last National Day...

Beware of that.


It's that time of the year again! Christmas!! \^ ^/

But you won't be spending it alone again this year; you'll have your dear little girl along with your butler Cube.

Your daughter spends her first two Christmases with you, but after she makes friends with Christina, Rize and Marie, she is going to spend her next two Christmases with them instead.

However, on her 5th Christmas, you will bring her to the Church and the Archbishop is going to ask you whether you wish to let her follow the path of God or not. And your answer is, like always, going to effect your daughter.

When she reaches the age of 15, your daughter is going to find herself surrounded by three different boys. Princes, to be exact. And since they all like her a lot, it really depends on how much she sees each one more throughout the year, and the lucky one gets to spend his Christmas with her.

Oh dear, was that you who was pouting?

Ha ha, don't be sad, your daughter hasn't abandoned you!

She will eventually spend her final Christmas with you, and again, you are going to have to make the choice of telling her how good her cooking is.

That is all for Christmas, it only comes once a year, but it always seems to bring excitement to the same old schedules!



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