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Welcome to Illusion, a site dedicated to not exactly the whole entire series of the Princess Maker game, but to mostly the fourth volume: Legend of Another World, only.

You can find not only information on what the game is all about, you can also print off little cheat tips that may help you reaching some of the hard to get endings that you have not yet gotten before!

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Alias: Natsu

Birthday: March 05

Age: 1080 :)

Gender: F

Nationality: Taiwanese

Constellation: Pisces

Chinese Zodiac: Snake

Element: Fire

Tribe: Demon Tribe

Favorite Food: Sweets, sushi, ramen

Favorite Animal: Panda

Favorite Color: Black!

Favorite Daughter: Erika, my Daughter from Princess Maker III

Favorite Prince: Lee

Least Favorite Food: Spicy food, fake flavors

Least Favorite Animal: N/A

Least Favorite Color: Pink

Least Favorite Daughter: N/A

Least Favorite Prince: The Prince of the Bunny Land (Princess Maker III)



You ask I answer

1) What is your SN?


2) What did you name your daughter?

Alice Kleo (Her looks reminded me of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.)

3) What is the first ending that you have gotten?

Singer ¬ ¬;

4) Your favorite ending of PM4? Why?

I personally think that the best ending would be having the daughter marrying Cube, the butler.

Well, just as the father has said in the end of that ending, "Those two have spent so much time together, it's not even that much of a surprise that they ended up married." And since Cube still has a contract with me (Father), the newly wed couple is going to continue taking care of me (Father) anyways. In other words, there isn't going to be any "old man's regret" XD

5) Your favorite character in PM4 and why.

I like Karen a lot simply because she really reminded me of Marion Phauna from the manga Shaman King <3

6) Favorite Prince in PM4 is...?

Lee, the Prince of Dragons. He is such a cute little boy, and knowing me, I really like Shoutas with naive personalities >w<///

7) Which one of your daughter's friends do you dislike?

Christina...I hate her Oh-I-am-so-much-better-than-you"

8) Which contest do you always let your daughter enter during the Harvest Festival?

Combat contest, because my daughter is always good at either magic or sword fight XD

9) You like the appearance of the daughter when she's 10/13/16?

13~15 is my favorite.

10) Favorite Royal ending?

Daughter becoming The Maou -w-///, I simply love the color black

11) Your favorite events are? (Name 3)

- When Lee and Baroa are fighting over daughter XD...I actually wanted her to become the general that time (and she did.), so it made me laugh how the two Princes are so stubborn over that one little date...

- The second time that daughter meets Sharul. I like the whole mirror reflection thing; the CG is really pretty *laugh*

- Karen and daughter holding hands and looking at Karen's "friends". I just like the feeling of it that's all. :D

12) What is your biggest regret about the Princess Maker series?

That one could never choose a boy to raise...

I'd want a son like Lee <3



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